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October 06, 2004

Ruling in US lesbian custody battle

In the latest twist to a gay custody battle in the US, a Frederick County Circuit Judge in Vermont has awarded Lisa Miller-Jenkins (35) sole custody of her two-year-old daughter and ruled that she can decide whether to allow visitation by her former partner, Janet Miller-Jenkins. The women, reports The Boston Globe, were a couple in Virginia when they decided four years ago to enter into a civil union in Vermont. They then went back to Virginia and decided Lisa Miller-Jenkins would conceive through artificial insemination. Isabella was born in Virginia in April 2002. The two women later moved to Vermont before they ended their civil union. Lisa Miller-Jenkins took the child and moved back to Virginia, where civil unions are not recognised, and sued for full custody. Janet Miller-Jenkins contested the action, saying a Family Court judge in Vermont already had given her temporary visitation rights with the child.
Full report in The Boston Globe


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