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February 07, 2005

Call for laws to protect rights of landlords

It is time the government realised that landlords also have rights and passed legislation to protect them, says Stan Brasg, a leading Johannesburg property lawyer in a report in The Star. Brasg supported his argument by citing a litany of cases of landlords who were morally in the right but lost houses and blocks of flats to what he terms agents provocateurs simply for the lack of a landlord-friendly law. Two of his clients walked away from blocks of flats they owned, because the occupiers had not paid rent for many months, and there was practically nothing they could do to evict them or force them to pay. The report cites the example of how a homeowner, despite paying R64 000 in legal fees – and spending two nights in jail for his efforts to evict a tenant – lost a R1.4m house in Sandton because the tenant was able to withhold paying rent for a year by manipulating the law.
Full report in The Star


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