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August 24, 2005

New strategy to fight rape

A national strategy aimed at fighting the scourge of r ape is to be piloted in at least three provinces by June next year, says a report on the
IoL site. Advocate Thoko Majokweni, head of the National Prosecuting Authority's s exual offences and community affairs unit, says the inter-departmental strategy will develop a tri-pillar plan, focusing on prevention, responses and support interventions. ‘All of them have to respond on different packages of information. One of the key things for prevention is to determine why offenders offend and why victims are victimised. The reasons why people r ape, be they children or adults.’ Gaps in the criminal justice system also need to be identified, as well as what specific support r ape survivors need, such as anti-retrovirals, as opposed to other victims of crime. Research shows that in 2000, more than 52 000 cases of r ape and attempted r ape were reported, of which only 27% were prosecuted.
Full report on the IoL site


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