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October 14, 2004

Mid-air gay kiss subject of damages claim

The High Court in Cape Town will begin a hearing today before Judge Dennis Davis to decide whether a claim by a gay man, who alleges British Airways employees discriminated against him on the grounds of his sexual orientation, can continue. Neal Vincent Potgieter, of Green Point, his partner and Potgieter's mother flew from Cape Town to London with British Airways in 2000. A report in Die Burger says that according to the Transformative Human Rights Unit, a human rights organisation, Potgieter and his partner kissed each other shortly after flight attendants woke them up ‘in a normal way that any person would have accepted had it happened between two heterosexual people’. Flight attendants asked Potgieter on two occasions not to kiss his partner. The men regarded the requests as discriminatory. An altercation broke out, and the men refused to fasten their seat belts during landing. They were arrested on arrival, and Potgieter, who was held for four days, was fined £4 000 for breaking aviation regulations. He is claiming R1.6m from British Airways.
Full report in Die Burger


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