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October 05, 2004

French court recognises first gay family

The French courts have made a precedent-setting ruling that is being hailed by g ay activist groups. The Independent reports for the first time a gay couple have been formally recognised as parents by the French. The ruling could apply to a further 200 000 children living in homos exual families in France. Carla and Marie-Laure, and their daughters Giulietta (10), Luana, seven, and Zelina, five, have been declared one family by the French courts. Marie-Laure is the natural mother of the three children. The ruling could have far-reaching consequences for the survival of legal barriers against homosexual marriage, adoption and artificial insemination. However, Justice Minister, Dominique Perben, said no firm precedent had been set. This was a one-off case, he added.
Full report in The Independent


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rmacapobre said...

vive la france! je n'y croire pas mais c'est vrai! woohoo!